Botanical Garden

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Avid horticulturists and tourists with natural green thumbs will be glad to know that when they decide to visit Hyderabad, they will already have a place waiting for them. The Hyderabad Botanical Garden is a 120-acre area of land in the Kothaguda Reserve Forest especially allotted to preserve different varieties of plants and trees, both to be enjoyed by future generations and also to educate the people. It is developed by the Forest Department is being groomed by the Tourism Department to be a major tourist attraction.

The Hyderabad Botanical Garden is situated along the Gachipoli-Miyapor highway, some 3 kilometers from Madhapur, and some 16 kilometers away from the Hyderabad Railway station. The garden is divided in 19 sectors, or ‘vanams’. There are sections for medicinal plants, fruits trees, ornamental plants, timber trees, aquatic plants, and so on. Aside from being an eco-tourism project by the government, it is also utilized as a storehouse for plants that are used for scientific and research purposes. It is also aimed to generate public awareness regarding plant conservation.

There are over 600 species of plants in the Garden and the entire place is dotted thick with them, except for the paced areas where visitors walk. The whole place was also designed to have large bodies of water, rolling meadows, and exquisite rock formations; everything is similar to a dry forest with rock formations, much like the Deccan plateau. The place also attracts birds and insects, enhancing the already heavy organic feel. For those who are hesitant at going at it alone, the garden management also regularly organizes nature camps, which include a guided tour, some nature walking, bird viewing, and other interactive sessions.

The place has modern facilities such as parking, cafeteria, drinking fountains and toilets. Entrance fee is Rs 10 for adults, while half that for children, although one can get a premium Rs 1000 that already includes picnic spots. Those who want to buy ornamental plants can get them for Rs 10 and upwards.


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