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Resorts are popular among tourists because unlike typical hotels or inns, resorts usually have more interesting stuff to offer. Vacation, after all, is more than just having a roof over the head and a bed to sleep in a foreign country; where the visitor stays is as important as the historical places they go to, as well! With resorts, comfort is added with an extra special something to make stays memorable. This is especially true with resorts that have a specific historical theme related to the country. Visitors can often have a pseudo-hands on experience with the country’s culture without having to spend a long time getting assimilated in.

In the case of Dhola-Ri-Dhani, the experience offered is that of a genuine ethnic Rajasthani culture, with a dash of fantasy. Located in Kompally, in the Medchal highway in Hyderabad (and about 11 kilometers from Secunderabad), the place offers tourists and visitors the chance to see an amalgamation of two cultures. Its design and style allows the visitors to experience the culture of Rajasthan without having to leave Hyderabad.

Dhola-Ri-Dhani is created with the classic ethnic Rajasthani village in mind, complete with the rustic ambiance and an ancient Indian charm. Vistirs can get camel rides, see puppet shows, or witness an authentic Rajasthani folk dance all while enjoying authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The northern state of Rajasthan will surely be transported to the visitor right where he or she is sitting, with all the cultural nuance that makes Rajasthan unique. Visitors who choose to stay at the resort are given a traditional Rajasthano welcome, complete with staff sporting tilak (a traditional mark on the firehead), aarti (a ritual involving lights and camphor), and trumpets. All around the resort, one can find small huts and even a temple, which can be used to conduct religious ceremonies and jagran.

There is also the Ghumar Jhumar, an open-air theatre with a built-in stage that can accomodate approximately 450 people. The theatre is used mainly for seminars, ceremonies, and plays. Smokers can head off to the Hookah Zone, where one can taste the various flavors of hookah, be it strawberry or pineapple. Finally, for a truly unique experience, a rain dance and disco can be set up using artificial rain on a special dance floor that’s built near the lake.


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