Gandipet Amusement Parks

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Gandipet is one of Hyderabad’s more popular lakes, located about 20 kilometers away from the city. The lake has become a tourist attraction, mostly due to the pleasant landscapes around it as well as prime picnic spots along the shores. The lake also has a guesthouse for tourists who want to stay the night at the lake. The added bonus is that the guesthouse happens to be the summer resort of the last Nizam, back when Hyderabad was under their rule, so it is guaranteed to be a very splendid place to stay.

There is also another reason that makes Gandipet unique from the other popular lakes in Hyderabad: the inclusion of amusement parks. Gandipet has amusement parks that are considered among its main attractions. These parks are a hit especially among kids as the rides they offer are comparable to other popular amusement parks in the country.

The amusement parks found in Gandipet are:

Ocean Park. Ocean Park is open seven days a week, from 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening. It is one of the first theme parks built in either Hyderabad or Secunderabad and it is also set up to international standards, both in safety and in pure variety of rides and fun; it has been tested by the most respected experts of the field. By this alone, Ocean Park should be heads and shoulders above other amusement parks in the region.

Ocean Park, as the name suggests, is a veritable mini-ocean built through the miracles of modern technology and state-of-the-art engineering. It has 20 acres of great greenery and crystal blue waters that make visitors feel like they’re in the high seas, without the actual danger of being in one.

The park has two main sections: the water section and the amusement section where one can get into the regular amusement park rides and games. Among the most popular rides are trains and ships that make full and half circles in the air, giant tea cups that circulate high above, and rides that plunge the rider at a height of 60 feet in water. The most popular zone in the whole park is the wave pool, where artificial waves are created using the latest in technology.

There are distinct sections for kids and adults. Kids can enjoy wading pools and fountains while adults can take part in decidedly mature activities like jet skiing. There is also a guesthouse where food and lodging services are offered. To insure that the water is disease-free and totally healthy, it is regularly passed through a filtration plant. The popular rides include Floating Bridge, Mushroom Umbrella, and Duck Jets.

Treasure Island. For anyone who wants to get away from the stress of everyday living, then Treasure Island is a top choice for a great getaway. The park is laid out over 60 acres of great landscape and has many rides and activities that will keep the family busy and happy the whole day through. Horse riding, go-karts, billiards, and dancing are all in the fun menu for anyone to enjoy.

Speaking of dancing, Treasure Island has three main dance floors to strut anyone’s dancing skills. Dancers and party goers can lounge in Ecstasy, a lounge-cum-disc, which has recently been renovated in order to add a bigger bar. Another popular place is Karma, where a popular DJ can sometimes guest play for anyone’s party whims. Outside parties, however, are the cream of the crop, complete with a massive stage and dance floor, as well as a giant TV that shows the dancing area to the people sitting by the sides.

At its core, however, Treasure Island is known more as a family hangout joint and in that aspect it delivers fun and entertainment for everyone, regardless of age.


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