Hyderabad Basics

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Learn more about Hyderabad, including information about getting there, getting around, the weather, and more. Click on the title or the photograph to find out more about any of these topics.

Hyderabad Culture

Hyderabad Culture If there is one word that can be used to describe the culture in Hyderabad, it is ‘diverse’. Owing much to its very rich history, from its inception by the Qutub Shahi dynasty to the occupation of the Mughal Empire and its decline and fall, and the subsequent rise under the Asaf Jahi dynasty, the city has been the place where the traditions–both cultural and linguistic–of North India and South India meet. Hyderabad’s culture can also be seen through the various monuments and iconic architectural structures in the city that are testaments to the city’s glorious history, such as the Charminar and the Golconda fort. The residents of the city refer to themselves as Hyderabadis and they have developed for themselves a culture that is distinctly a mixture of both Muslim and Hindu traditions. Find out more.

Hyderabad Festivals

Hyderabad Festivals Hyderabad is a veritable melting pot of cultures, ethnicity and religion and nothing makes this more evident than the many festivals and celebrations that are being celebrated in Hyderabad annually. Four major religions can be found in Hyderabad: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism, although culture-wise, the Hyderabadis have developed a culture that is distinctly a mixture of Muslim and Hinduism. As such, most of the major festivals found in the city have a hint of both, especially Hinduism, which is still the most popular and practiced religion in the city. Find out more.

Getting Around Hyderabad

Getting Around Hyderabad Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana and is one of India’s most progressive and historical cities. As such, it offers many attractions and things to see and experience for the everyday tourist. The city is rather big so people who are planning on seeing all Hyderabad has to offer would do well to invest a few days to see the main attractions. The good news is that there are many ways you can go about getting around the city. Each one has its own pros and cons and it will really depend on your style of travel and preference. Find out more.

Getting To Hyderabad

Getting To Hyderabad Those who want to add Hyderabad to their itinerary of cities to be visited in India will find out that there are several ways of getting there. The good thing about Hyderabad is that it is very well connected to to the major cities of India as well as the world so there’s no having to make multiple stops in little towns or cities to reach this historic and beautiful place. If you want to go the scenic route, however, you can do that too, via land travel. Find out more.

Hyderabad Weather

Hyderabad Weather One of the major things that has a great impact in a person’s enjoyment of a vacation is the kind of weather that a particular place has. That is why for most everyone, especially those living in the West and the North where there are cold seasons, a place having tropical or equatorial weather is always a good place for a vacation. Fortunately for those who are considering spending a few days in Hyderabad, the place is one of those that are located relatively near the equator so a nice warm weather can generally be expected. It can be described as tropical, but not the clammy, overly sweltering type. Find out more.

Hyderabad Music and Dance

Hyderabad Music and Dance A city as culturally rich and steeped in tradition such as Hyderabad, then, is bound to also have a rich collection of music and dance. After all, India is one of the world’s most historically rich countries, with a culture and tradition that are identifiably their own. Hyderabad, in particular, has a rich legacy of them, since performing arts have long been given importance by its rulers since ancient time. The Nizams during the Asaf Jah dynasty, in particular, used music as a major form of entertainment and recreation, and it also eventually got assimilated into religion as well, being used as a tool for meditation and preaching of their deity’s teachings. Of these forms of Hyderabad music, one of the most important is the Carnatic (also spelled as Karnatic) music. Find out more.

Safety for Tourists in Hyderabad

Safety for Tourists in Hyderabad There is one thing that most tourists are concerned about however, and this doesn’t apply to just Hyderabad: their safety in a place that is foreign and new. In this aspect, Hyderabad shouldn’t be a problem; it is one of the safest metropolises in India. It is almost at par with the other major cities around Asia. Police presence is pretty much very strong, and there are enough hospitals and medical facilities in Hyderabad in the case of sudden emergencies. Find out more.

Hyderabad Shopping

Hyderabad Shopping When you’re in Hyderabad, where and what to shop should be the least of your concerns since Hyderabad is a shopper’s delight. Whether you’re buying something exotic and indigenous, or just looking for the next great gadget or fashion gear, Hyderabad has it all and more. What’s even better is that if you’re hunting for the local stuff, you can engage in that age-old and time-honored tradition of haggling and bargaining. What you think is cheap can even be bought cheaper, if you’re a good enough haggler. Those with enough silver in their tongue can practically get away with a bag full of beads and saris at less than a hundred bucks. Find out more.


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