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Those who are planning to reside in Hyderabad and are needing a place to settle in need not look any further than Kukatpally, located in the northwest fringe of Hyderabad. Kukatpally is a major residential and commercial suburb and it also has one of the highest population densities in all of Telangana, thanks mainly to the fact that it is relatively close to the IT hub in Hyderabad.

Due to its proximity to the IT cyberpark, Kukatpally has major shopping malls found within its area; it is a major shopping hub in the entire IT corridor. Aside from the malls, there is also a vegetable market called Rythu Bazaar (or Farmer’s Market), where one can get the freshest farm produce in Hyderabad, at the cheapest price. There are also good ready-made showrooms of world-famous brands such as Reebok, Adidas, Levi’s, and Honda, among others. Major banks can also be found there, with State Bank of Hyderabad, Andhra Bank, and SBI leading the charge.

There are many ways to reach Kukatpally as well, since it is a major transportation route of the state-owned bus service APSRTC. It also falls on the road between Hyderabad and Patancheru, which is the last stop for northwest-bound city buses. A train station is also close to the Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, which is dubbed as the largest residential colony in Asia.


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