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When one thinks of a museum in Hyderabad, the ones that immediately spring to mind are those that highlight the city’s rich past, such as the Salar Jung Museum or the AP State Museum. Both are very impressive and has received a lot of press and attention mainly because they are important and wonderful windows to Hyderabad’s intricate and interesting past. However, there is another side of Hyderabad that visitors — not just tourists — should see, and this is the living, primal Hyderabad. Hyderabad is not just the sum of its people’s history and culture, it is also a city that is made alive by the creatures and animals that have made India and, by association, Hyderabad their world. That is why it is important that everyone who visits Hyderabad as well as the Hyderabadis themselves take the time to visit museums that showcase such creatures. Fortunately, there is one that is worth checking out.

The National History Museum in Hyderabad may not be as big or as diverse as the National Museum of Natural History in New Delhi, but for those who just want to walk among the animals in history in a short time will more than appreciate it. Located inside one of the biggest zoos in Asia, the Nehru Zoological park, the National History Museum offers insights into the lives of animals both extinct and still living. It does this by displaying stuffed dummies that are so lifelike, they might as well be there in all their living glory. There are also artifacts on display that are related to these animals, so people — especially children — will have a more thorough understanding of these great and exotic creatures.

What’s even better about the National History Museum is that it’s within the confines of arguably India’s best zoo, which makes the experience even more striking and personal. One moment the visitor sees a stuffed extinct variety of a tiger and then, moments later, see its real, breathing cousin. The experience really drives the point across, which is that the animals on display are creatures that once breathed and walked the continent. Children will particularly the museum, especially since it focuses on exotic animals.


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