Necklace Road

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A wonderful place to unwind and just plain relax in Hyderabad is the long strip of boulevard popularly known as Necklace Road. The name comes from the fact that the whole road, along with Hyderabad’s Tank Bund, resembles a beautiful necklace when seen from the sky. This long stretch of road connects NTR Gardens and Lumbini Park in Hyderabad to Sanjeevaiah Park in Secunderabad. This is how the whole thing is connected: the road from Sanjeevaiah Park connects to the Tank Bund Road which, in turn, is connected to the NTR Gardens, forming a circle.

Necklace Road is the most popular boulevard in Hyderabad right now. One pass along its length should tell anyone why. The boulevard is complete with restaurants, stalls, recreational activities, and a wonderful view of the city of Hyderabad. There is also a three-kilometer long row of lush lawns and beautiful, exotic flowerbeds running from north to south that adds that much needed softness and colour to the stark urban concrete and cityscape. The People’s Plaza, also located in the boulevard, is a recreational place that is always busy all throughout the year with exhibitions, music shows, games, and sports usually in the playlist. Cuisine is also good all around, with the restaurants Eat Street and Water Front leading the charge of popular eating joints. Eat Street caters more to the buffet crowd while Water Front is good for those who want a quick bite. However, both shops offer a fantastic view of the city.

Sanjeevaiah Park is also another attraction with the road’s expanse, and is usually the site for young lovers to have their romantic walks in, which caused it to be given the nickname “Lovers Park”. Like every other attraction in the vicinity, it has a good view of Hussain Sagar Lake. The park houses a variety of high-breed rose plants, as well as a Rock Garden that is filled with rocks of different shapes and sizes.

Another popular park along Necklace Road is Jalavihar Park, located right in the middle of the road. It is a family-oriented park, equipped with a swimming pool, water slides, and other amusement park-type games. It also has a restaurant where anyone who’s tired from all the day’s activities can rest and recharge.

At night, the Necklace Road becomes a wonderful and colorful spectacle, worthy of being in a city sights magazine. The lights in nearby Hyderabad complex and the lakes of Hussain Sagar makes for what is immediately a wonderful and relaxing evening.


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