Hyderabad Neighbourhoods

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Hyderabad is made up of many neighbourhoods. Here you can find out about some of the more popular ones. As well, you can find out about Secunderabad, the twin city right next to Hyderabad.


Secunderabad Located six miles northeast of Hyderabad, Secunderabad is often called the twin of Hyderabad; both are usually popularly referred as “Twin Cities”, although the name Secunderabad is rarely used outside of both. Its history runs parallel to that of Hyderabad, with some scholars claiming that its origin was technically established back to the time when Hyderabad was also formed. Hussain Sagar, a manmade lake built by the Qutub Shahis during the 16th century, separates Secunderabad from Hyderabad, and both cities shared the same airport until early 2008. In spite of the close connections between the two, though, both cities have a different fusion of cultures, with Secunderabad having fully developed under a direct British rule while Hyderabad has been a princely state since its inception. Find out more.


Abids Abids is the Hyderabad’s main commercial hub. It is rather well known as Hyderabad’s oldest and most famous business area, going as far back as the time of the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, in the late 19th and early 20th century. Find out more.


Kukatpally Those who are planning to reside in Hyderabad and are needing a place to settle in need not look any further than Kukatpally, located in the northwest fringe of Hyderabad. Kukatpally is a major residential and commercial suburb and it also has one of the highest population densities in all of Telangana, thanks mainly to the fact that it is relatively close to the IT hub in Hyderabad. Find out more.


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