Ravindra Bharathi

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Every city worth its cultural heritage should have an auditorium or theater, or so they say. After all, much of a place’s culture is present in the form of performing arts. Songs, dances, performances, stories — whatever it is, as long as a group of people congregate to watch it, it becomes a memory that is shared by everyone. That is why it is important that a theater is constructed to house every and all kinds of performances.

In Hyderabad, the most popular cultural center is arguably the Ravindra Bharathi, named after the famous Indian poet and mystic Rabindranath Tagore, who was Asia’s first Nobel laureate in 1913. The center has an auditorium and theatre that is the site of cultural as well as popular performances, as well as a gallery and a large conference hall. The Ravindra Bharati has long been the venue of many historical and pop cultural events, having been built by the government of Telangana in 1964.

A visitor to Hyderabad will almost always be assured that there’s something happening in Ravindra Bharathi, whether its a recital by a local school music group or a performance by a world-famous performer or band. Those who are into classical entertainment will also be pleased to find that the center is also a popular choice for ballet performances and arangetrams by aspiring superstars. If the tourist is really lucky, he or she might even be witness to the hugely popular Kishireda music festival.

Ravindra Bharathi is the first choice of the many theater groups that come from out of town, hence there is a regular supply of Telugu plays, as well as some Hindi ones. Another good point is that most of the events held in the auditorium are completely free to the public. There are down points though: the seating arrangement can be improved and the toilets can do with a more regular maintenance. All in all, it is a great place for those who would like to see what Hyderabad is cooking up every week.

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