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When you’re in Hyderabad, where and what to shop should be the least of your concerns since Hyderabad is a shopper’s delight. Whether you’re buying something exotic and indigenous, or just looking for the next great gadget or fashion gear, Hyderabad has it all and more. What’s even better is that if you’re hunting for the local stuff, you can engage in that age-old and time-honored tradition of haggling and bargaining. What you think is cheap can even be bought cheaper, if you’re a good enough haggler. Those with enough silver in their tongue can practically get away with a bag full of beads and saris at less than a hundred bucks.

There are many places in Hyderabad you can go to for shopping. It will mostly depend, of course, on what you want to shop for. If you want to go for the usual everyday things you can get almost everywhere else (and if so, what’s the point?), then your best bet would be the shopping malls. Hyderabad is one of the most modern cities in all of India, especially with the boom of the IT and IT-enabled services in the area. HITEC City as well as the whole Cyberabad district has supermalls where anyone can get the latest gadgets and gizmos, as well as any other modern amenities and items.

Hyderabad Central, located on the Punjagutta Road, is one of the most famous shopping malls in Hyderabad, and it is also the second large-scale mall in India. It has a wide variety of both Indian and Western shops like Marks & Spencer, as well as a theater complex, a food court, and restaurants. Shopper’s Stop is another shopping center that has won the Hall of Fame award in Hyderabad. It is located in Begumpet. City Center Mall in Banjara Hills, on the other hand, is the first true mall to have come up in Hyderabad and it still lives up to its reputation of one of the best malls in the city. High-end supermalls may not be that plentiful yet, but it is projected that in two years’ time, Hyderabad will have at least a dozen malls for your shopping needs.

If you’re into the more traditional and local goods, however, then you need to go to several places to get the best deals and selections. Unlike other cities, shopping is not confined to any particular area in Hyderabad.

The main shopping areas of Hyderabad include Abids, Basheerbagh, and Nampally. Of the three, Abids is certainly Hyderabad’s premiere commercial hub, having been a commercial place since the turn of the 20th century. Nampally, on the other hand, annually holds the Numaish — the All-India Industrial Exhibition — which is one of (if not the) biggest fair in India. There, one can buy every imaginable goods that India produces. Even India’s neighboring countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh have recently participated in the fair. Numaish starts from the first of January to the fifteenth of February every year.

Laad Bazaar is also another popular shopping spot for those who want to get the world-renowned Indian bangles and cheap jewellery. The fact that the bazaar has been around since the Qutub Shahi dynasty attests to its enduring legacy as one of Hyderabad’s premiere shopping places. At Laad, shoppers can take their pick of the popular lacquer bangles, saris, traditional Khara Dupattas, and pearls, of which Hyderabad is particularly known.

Brassworks and metalworks, on the other hand, can pretty much be found at Begum Bazaar, located 2 kilometers from the Naya Pul Bridge. Like Laad Bazaar, it also has a long history of being a commercial street. Indian household commodities are its specialties.

As a rule of thumb, the Old City in Hyderabad is where you should go if you want to get local and indigenous stuffs. Bidriware, a unique metalware that is particularly central in Hyderabad, is among the many things you must not miss when shopping.


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