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In this section you can find a lot of background information about Hyderabad that will help you understand the city and its people. Click on the title or the photograph to find out more about any of these topics.

Hyderabad Demographics

Hyderabad Demographics Since Hyderabad has become one of India’s most prominent IT emerging cities as well as the country’s center of scientific and technological development, many people from different parts of the country have migrated there to take advantage of the sprouting opportunities. As a result, the population of Hyderabad has become a potpourri of various ethnic groups. Find out more

Hyderabad Government and Administration

Hyderabad Government and Administration Back when it was still a state unto itself, Hyderabad was governed by a hereditary line of rulers called Nizams, the shortened title of Nizam-ul-Mulk, which meant Administrator of the Realm. This dynasty was founded by Mir Qammar-ud-Din Siddiqi, a viceroy of the Mughal empire. When the Mughal empire crumbled, the viceroy in Hyderabad declared the place independent and by the 18th century, it had surpassed the Mughals. When the reorganization of the Indian states happened in 1956, Hyderabad was split into three: Telangana, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Find out more

Hyderabad IT Industry

IT Industry Back in the mid-1990s in the United States, when the Internet boom was just starting, the East was also poised to get in on the technological wagon. Hyderabad, an ancient city borne of mixed traditions and cultures, started the slow transformation into a cyber-city that, today, has become one of India’s premiere information technology and IT-enabled service hubs. Hyderabad has also become the country’s center for scientific and technological development not only in IT infrastructure but also in pharmaceutical and science research industries. To say that Hyderabad is the financial and technological capital of the state of Telangana is not a rumour; it is a fact supported annually by the many international technological firms that call the city their home. Find out more.

Hyderabad Sports

Hyderabad Sports When it comes to sports, Hyderabad offers the usual array for the ordinary tourist or citizen, mainly golf, tennis, and even horse racing. However, there are only two that have totally captured the city’s attention: cricket and field hockey. The fervor the Hyderabadis have for these two sports is so great that some say it borders to near fanatical levels. Find out more.

Hyderabad History

Hyderabad History Before the city’s actual historical rise, the area where Hyderabad would ultimately be established was under the rule of several kingdoms, including those of Buddhist and Hindu royalty. It came under rule by the kings of the Chalukya kingdom, whose feudal chieftains, the Kakatiyas, splintered off to create their new kingdom and established it around Warangal. In 1321 AD, the Sultanate of Delhi under the command of Muhammad bin Tughluq brought Warangal to its knees, resulting in anarchy in the whole region. The next few decades saw the battles for supremacy for the region among the Bahmani Sultanate, the Masunuri Nayakas, and the Vijayanagara Rayas, which finally ended with the Bahmani Sultanate exerting control by the middle of the 15th century. Find out more.

Hyderabad Economy

Hyderabad Economy Hyderabad is decidedly one of India’s most important economic hubs, with marked growth in the automobile and auto parts industry, poultry farming, textiles and apparel industry, and bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals. More than these, however, Hyderabad is also fast becoming a major IT city in India. Due to its wide economic growth, Hyderabad is the economic and financial capital of the state of Telangana, and it is the state’s largest contributor to the gross domestic product (GDP) as well as state tax and excise revenues. Find out more.

Hyderabad Media

Hyderabad Media When it comes to media and telecommunications infrastructure, Hyderabad is among the most well-developed in all of India. This is mostly due to the fact that Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, with one of the leading IT and ITES hubs located there. In fact, the whole city is covered by a large network of optic fibers, ensuring uninterrupted and fast data communication transfers. As a result, Hyderabad’s media remains on the forefront of modern technology. Find out more.

Hyderabad Film Industry (Tollywood)

Hyderabad Film Industry (Tollywood) Tollywood had its origin in India’s Telugu language film industry in 1921, with the production of Bhisma Pratighna. The film was directed by the father-son tandem of Raghupati Venkaiah and R.S. Prakash. They would go on to produce and direct many more films in the decades to come, generally getting theater actors major roles. Their films often focus on religion, with three of their most famous works Nandanar, Matsyavatar, and Gakendra Moksham centering on parables, religious figures, and morals. Find out more.

Hyderabad Hotels

Hyderabad Hotels For a grand vacation anywhere, a nice place to stay is a must. Although there is always the option to stay in motels or even rent a small apartment, nothing still beats living in a lavish room overlooking the city. That is why anyone who has extra money to spend should make the most out of their vacation by staying at first class and luxurious hotels. After all, the reason why people take a vacation is to relax and unwind, and nothing takes stress or tiredness out of a day of walking and seeing the sights than lounging in a warm jacuzzi with a glass of wine in hand. Such services are always available in five-star hotels. Find out more.


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