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For any progressive and up-and-coming metropolis, a thriving, breathing nightlife is almost a requisite. Any major city can attest: after a hard day’s work, it is customary, or even a necessity, for hardworking professionals and teens to middle age yuppies to just let loose at some bar or disco somewhere, and get the stress out. A city’s nightlife also speaks much of its progress and modernity; randomly ask any tourist or professional and they’ll answer that an exciting and lively nocturnal life quite apart from what they do during the day is a  very important part of their activities. This is why, for any city to be truly alive, it must not cease its activities after the sun goes down.

Hyderabad, as it happens, is one of India’s most progressive places; in fact, at the turn of this century, it was voted as among the top ten of India’s fastest growing cities. Hyderabad is the ultimate melding of the past and the present, where the binds of tradition hold hands with bleeding edge technology, making for a unique and ultimately holistic experience. It is just a tad bit unfortunate that this same adherence and root to tradition seems to be one of the contributing factors to Hyderabad’s slow-growing nightlife.

Everything in Hyderabad has been on a steady growth up ever since the late 90s. Unfortunately, the nightlife isn’t one of those; it has improved, no doubt about that, but it is not as vibrant or as diverse as those in other metros in India like, say, Mumbai or Bangalore. There are many reasons for this, chief of which is that Hyderabad laws and city regulations dictate that many nocturnal activities are restricted after 12 o’clock midnight. This, unfortunately, impacts the bars, discos, and nightclubs that have sprung up around the city in the last seven years or so. Another reason — and one that is connected with the first — is that there aren’t as many college people or teenagers who go around having an active nightlife. Usually, it’s the young urban professionals one will encounter when doing the nocturnal rounds.

It is not to say, however, that the nightlife in Hyderabad is dead; it’s far from it. Even though the options for the party-going tourist becomes limited after midnight, there are still places he or she can chill out, provided one knows where to look. Hotels and restaurants are prime places to go to for a quiet drink and company. These days, Hyderabad has become one of the favorite places for people who want to have a lazy evening after a tired day’s work, meeting and chilling out with friends. Nocturnal food trips are pretty much popular, with Hyderabadi Biryani and Haleem leading the palate feast.

For bars and dance floors, one can also check out 10 Downing Street at Begumpet, one of Hyderabad’s premiere hang-out spots. Founded in the late 80s, it has since set a standard in Hyderabad for night happenings and has become almost an institution in the city. Liquids Again, located in Banjara Hills, should appeal to those who like trance and pop, while Fusion 9 should satisfy jazz lovers with its Friday Jazz music.

Going around in Hyderabad at night shouldn’t be much of a problem, either. There is a night bus service in Hyderabad that will take you to a tour around the city at night, giving you a glimpse of the the city after dark.

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