Hyderabad Numaish

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In Urdu, “Numaish” means exhibition, and the Numaish in Hyderabad is precisely just that; it is an open-air exhibition to display all the ingenious products and goods that the city of Hyderabad produces. Held annually since 1938 during the ruling period of Hyderabad’s Nizams, the fair gets about 2.5 million people each year, with up to 2600 stalls set up for the perusal of the buying public. To say that it is a massive event is pretty much an understatement.

Also known as the All India Industrial Exhibition, the Numaish fair is one of the most eagerly awaited events in Hyderabad and it runa from the first of January up to the fifteenth of February. During this time, it will almost seem like all roads lead to the Exhibition Grounds in Nampally, located right at the center of Hyderabad, which is the location of the Numaish. It has become customary for every Hyderabadi to join the event, together with their families and friends. It is not just concentrated on Hyderabadis, either. Eve rsince Numaish has come to be recognized as one of the country’s biggest display windows and bazaar-style sale for trade, commerce, and industry, participants from all over the country has started to set up shop there as well. Even neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Bangladesh have also been participating in the famous event.

Almost everything can be bought at the fair. The usual products on display include handicrafts and textiles, electronic devices, jewellery, handicrafts, and dried fruits. Specialties from places in India such as Kashmir, Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh are on sale so anyone who wants something indigenous from those places is bound to find it without going out of Hyderabad. Most times, they’ll get it at a lower price, too; it is not uncommon for bargaining to take place during Numaish. In fact, it is part of the fun of shopping during Numaish.

Entertainment is also another great pull of the event. The usual rides available for everyone include a mini-train, ferris wheel, motorcycle stungs in stunt globes, and many others. Food courts and stalls serving delicacies from Hyderabad and other places are also available for those who want to go on a food trip.


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