Legislative Assembly

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Enclosed in the Public Garden at the heart of Hyderabad City, the Legislative Assembly of Hyderabad is the seat of the state legislature of Telangana. It can be considered the heart and soul of Hyderabad as it is where the power of the state’s laws and legislation are made and passed. Aside from the important function it serves, the Legislative Assembly also happens to be one of Hyderabad’s most majestic buildings, outside of the actual palaces of the Nizams. As such, it is easily one of the most imposing building in the city, and is becoming a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The building was raised by the people, in a way; the citizens of the Princely State of Hyderabad raised funds in order to build the edifice in order to mark the 40th birthday of the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, Nizam Mis Mahboob Ali Khan in 1905. It took eight years to finish, and in 1913, it became the state’s Town Hall. The architects who were commissioned to design the whole building were specially selected, and they opted for an all white scheme, for that aesthetic, classical look. The architects also fused two styles in coming up with its design: Persian and Rajasthani. The over-all look is one of grandeur that is befitting of a building where power is made. In 1980, the New Assembly Building was constructed adjoining the Old Assembly, in order to accommodate the legislative offices of the ministers and political parties. The new building was made to have the same architecture as the original one and it so resembled the old building that it was difficult to distinguish between the two.

The whole structure is surrounded by lush green lawns, giving the whole place a beautiful panoramic view. A 22-foot tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi in a meditating position stands at the entrance of the Assembly, atop a six-foot pedestal, where the words “My Life is My Message” are etched. The statue was erected to remind legislators to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals.


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