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Secunderabad may not have a history as rich as its twin sister, Hyderabad, nor may it be as big, but dismissing this wonderful city in India just because of those two reasons would be a very grave mistake. While much of the city developed under British rule, resulting in different cultural fusion, it still holds very good spots for those who want to immerse themselves in Indian culture. The atmosphere in this city is also much more serene than Hyderabad, making it a prime place for those who want to enjoy everything in relative peace and tranquility.

Interesting places one can visit in Secunderabad include:

1. Rashtrapati Nilayam. The President of India has three official retreats: the Rashtrapati Bhavan located at New Delhi, the Retreat at Mashibla, near Shimla, and the Rashtrapati Nilayam, near Secunderabad. Of the three, Rastrapati Nilayam is the only one that is located in the south of India and it also happens to be the only one that is considered by the Heritage Conservation Committee (HCC) for a heritage tag, mainly because of its nearly 150 years of history.

Constructed in 1860 by the Nizam of Hyderabad, the Rashtrapati Nilayam is spread over a total area of 101 acres. It only has one storey, which includes a dining hall, ceremonial halls, cinema hall, a durbar hall, and a morning room, among others. All in all, there are 16 rooms for the President and the staff and a visitor’s annex that can accommodate 150 people. Although the building is only spruced up once a year, during the President’s annual visit, it is still put to gainful use as a state guesthouse for VIPs visiting Telangana.

2. Trimulgherry Fort. Built in 1867, Trimulgherry Fort was used to house barracks, arsenals, mews, stables, mess houses and military offices back when the city was under British rule. Its outer walls are surrounded by a deep trench that is about 3 miles in length. Today, it has been transformed into a military hospital.

3. Trinity Church. Also known as Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Church is an ecumenical church that was built by Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria in 1847. It was built primarily as a house of worship for the British officers and their family stationed in Secunderabad, following an Anglican way of worship. The land itself was donated by the Nizam, when General Frazer was a resident of Hyderabad.

Considered to be among the best churches in Southeast Asia, the Holy Trinity Church was designed in a gothic architectural style. The main tower reaches up to the heavens at a length of 175 feet, complete with four pinnacles. The cathedral itself has a width and length of 100 and 200 feet, respectively. The tiles used in the mosaic were imported from England, and the three magnificent glass windows that depict three phases of Christ’s life were framed at different periods. They were made by Sir Frank Salisbury of England, and are considered to be among his best works.


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